THE HOMELESS 🏡 THREE HOPE STRATEGY – to get at least a one roomed house.

My little family of 3 falls under a type of families called The Child headed family and is headed my me (JOAN 10yrs, Doreen 13years, and I 23yrs). Now if you have ever tested it you know how hard, volatile, vulnerable and tricky life can be in it.


How have I managed to run it for now 5 years? In most cases almost every problem that comes to us is bigger than us, so I make cry outs to God but also to people. And God has always touched a heart to carry us on. As growth takes place we have progressively become more stronger, adaptive and appreciative of who exactly we are and that God had plan why we ended up in such a family.

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About a year ago, some individuals used our weakness and vulnerability and legally but falsely took a small piece land our parents left us with and of course that little old fashion house, but trust me it was an incredible refuge for us irrespective of its state, because we didn’t have any documents of ownership of it. I can’t tell how our parents acquired this land but, someone processed documents of its ownership and took it from us lawfully and smartly, but he left us homeless. This overwhelmed me and I made a post here and glad we got some AID to help us start renting a room.

Unfortunately, today I find these bills (rent, school fees for my sisters, foods, name it) very overwhelming and I admit for sure I will not be able to stand this time bomb of bills in the near future. Gladly here comes a national internship where i work in some big hospital in Hoima and it has availed to me some savings which if supplemented by any kind person who can offer giving us some additional money we can get a piece of land with full legal title in our hands and ownership from a credible company (Royale Property Consultants Uganda) at $3800 and we shall battle the remaining bit of constructing at least a one roomed house to stay in.

Donate to Solomon’s Shelter cause HERE

We welcome any contribution, and I am too scratching every means possible to see this becomes a testimony for God’s glory in our lives.

The following is what I have got done  for the last 3 months.

1. I found the Credible company to sell us that land near us.

2. I did inspect the land and reached the Estate 🏡 myself with the company field officer.

3. Took the necessary pics which I have attached here.

4. Hired an attorney this evening who verified all the paper work.

5. All is done  on my side come November 28th, to make our first installment. And it will cover 30% of the total Amount. But by the time the deadline for installments will end, it’s possible that maximum I will have submitted 65% of full amount. Now you know why I can’t sit back and quiet but to let you know I need your assistance. Kindly, Stand with us.

Donate to Solomon’s Shelter cause HERE

May The Blessings Of God be with You! All time.

Thank you so much. Yours, Son, friend, brother in Christ. Intern Nurse Solomon Mpanga


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