Sugar Pregnancy Test – How to Perform It Procedure

I understand many of us tend to even fear buy pregnancy test stripes, here is your good news, you can use the sugar you have at home to find out whether you are pregnant or not.

It is said that only a woman can understand the exact feeling of being pregnant as it is one of the most important stages of their life. The first step of entering into this stage is the pregnancy test which will be conducted as soon as they have doubt of being pregnant. Sugar Pregnancy Test is a really test which can be done in home just with some sugar.


A lot of options are available for this among which we will recommend the home-based testing methods at the initial stages. Uktvnow app This has the benefit of doing the test in a very inexpensive way. There are also situations when some woman needs to check for pregnancy at multiple times. The home based pregnancy which is also known as do-it-yourself will be very useful for such people.

In previous article we gave detail about how to perform the Bleech pregnancy test. Sugar pregnancy test is also such a test which can be done in a very natural way without the inclusion of any chemicals. This helps to avoid the usage of any chemicals which may result in any health related problems.

As the pregnancy is a stage of life which required the carrying lady to avoid the usage of unwanted medicines and chemicals, the natural testing methods are the best one for them at this stage. As this is a very economical method and can be done without too much effort, you can even repeat it multiple times whenever you have doubt of pregnancy.


All you required to do this test is 2 -3 teaspoons of sugar and it is readily available in most of our houses. Those who get a positive result on this test are recommended to consult a doctor at the earliest. Because they are the ones that can guide you in the best way for the future steps that should be taken care. Online Sugar Pregnancy Test must be performed whenever you have any doubt about your pregnancy.

How to do the sugar pregnancy test?

For conducting the sugar pregnancy test what you required are some sugar and a well-cleaned bowl. It is recommended to use the white sugar rather than the others to have a better result. The bowl which will be used for this test should be well sterilized.

Otherwise, it may affect the result of the test. So, once you are ready with the above-said items, wait for some time until you feels to urinate. Now add 2 -3 teaspoons of sugar into the bowl. After that, it is recommended to urinate directly into the bowl rather than collecting it in some other vessels and dropping it into the bowl. This pregnancy test with sugar gives perfect and accurate reports.

How to Perform Sugar Pregnancy Test Properly Procedure

Now, wait for the response from the sugar that is added to the bowl. If the sugar is observed to be dissolved in the urine, then it can be confirmed that you are not pregnant. If it is not dissolved and is seen to clumps up then it is the indication that you are pregnant. If the result is found to be negative, you can try the same again in a couple of days. It is also recommended to do the test in the morning time with the first urine after waking up.

How does this Sugar Pregnancy test work?

It is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone which is present in the urine of the pregnant women’s that helps in the reaction between the urine and sugar. If the urine contains HCG hormone, the sugar will clump, which will in turn considered as a sign of pregnancy. Apart from sugar, this hormone shows a good response to a lot of other substances as well.

This property of the HCG is made in use by the different home based pregnancy testing methods.

Conducting the sugar pregnancy test at a too early stage of the pregnancy will show a negative result only. It doesn’t mean that you are not pregnant. So, whenever you get a negative result don’t take a decision about the same.


It is recommended to try again with the same test method at multiple times with a gap of 2 -3 days. As the testing does not require you to invest any money for the same, you can do it as much as you like. It is also seen that for who are undergoing some medications, the result will not be the correct one. Also, the test conducted after too much consumption of water may also affect the result. Consider all these points carefully before you try the sugar pregnancy test. After you complete the test you will be amazed with the results for sure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sugar Pregnancy Test: –

Instead of using the modern pregnancy test methods, why people should use the sugar pregnancy test? There must be some strong reasons behind this. Let us have a look at the same. It is very difficult for the common people to continuously try the costly medical tests for confirmation of pregnancy. The sugar pregnancy test comes into their help at this stage. As this is very economical, you can try it as much as you want and it will cost you almost nothing.

Another advantage of the sugar pregnancy test is that it is very easy to perform. Even a housewife with less educational qualification can try this test and check the result quite easily. It is also seen that there are situations in life when a woman does not want to share the fact that she is pregnant. If trying to test for the same with some medical tests there are chances that others will also come to know about it. But by using home-based pregnancy test methods this risk can be avoided.

Along with some pros, the sugar pregnancy test has some cons as well. The most important thing that you should be aware of while doing this test is that the accuracy of it is a little bit less compared to the medical tests. However, if you find the result from the sugar test positive, you can check it again with the help of a doctor.

Conclusion: –

Tests like the sugar pregnancy test are the preliminary tests that can be done at the initial stages of pregnancy. Once you find that you are pregnant, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor at the earliest and take advice from them also.

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