Key Points In Family Planning And Maternity Health

  1. Meaning of Family Planning

Now, by definition family planning is the “practice of controlling the number of children one has and the intervals between their births, particularly by means of contraception or voluntary sterilization”.

Using family planning helps women and couples to decide for themselves when and how many children to have on their pace.

We (Health personnel) who provide family planning services caution women against having;

  • Children at a very young age (before the age of 20 years).
  • Children at an advanced age of over thirty-five (35) years.
  • Closely spaced births (sooner than twenty-four (24) months before each birth).
  • A large number of children (more than four (4).

By following this advice, maternal health and child survival are improved.

2. Services Offered to Men and Women in Family Planning #Clinics

At the family planning clinics, men and women receive:

A. Education and information on:

  • What family planning is and how it helps them and their families/partners.
  • The family planning methods which are available.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), HIV and AIDS.
  • The causes of failure to have children and help to the couple who want a baby at times even a specific sex of the baby.

B. Family planning methods

  • Provision of family planning methods to men and women.

C. Medical History taking and examination

  • For sexually transmitted diseases.
  • For cancer of the breast.
  • For cancer of the mouth of the womb (cervix).
  • As of the care of women before starting to or continuing to use family planning methods.
  • For other medical, obstetric and gynecological problems.

D. Treatment and Referral For:

  • Any problems resulting from using family planning methods.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Problems of failure to have babies (infertility).
  • Problems of women’s breasts or womb.
  • Problems resulting from menstrual periods or lack of them.

3. Health, Social And Other Benefits of Family Planning.

A. The good things about family planning to mothers.

When mothers use family planning methods space births, they:

  • Have enough time to recover from the effects of the previous pregnancy, labour, and delivery.
  • Are protected from anaemia.
  • Have tome to care for themselves, the children and the family.
  • Experience a reduction in the problems of pregnancies and labour – such as having the baby too early or heavy bleeding after delivery.
  • Are able to provide improved nutrition to the child and rest of the family.

B. The good things about family planning to children

Children also benefit from family planning through:

  • Prolonged breastfeeding which protects them from childhood illnesses, such as diarrhoea and promotes proper growth and development.
  • Improved parental and child-to-child relationships.
  • Opportunities for better education.

C. The goods things about family planning (FP) to fathers.

Fathers also benefit fromĀ  family planning. Famliy planning enables them to:

  • Plan together with their partners the size of the families they can afford to care for.
  • Gives them time to know or wait for the persons of their lives, whom they will tolerate loving for life.
  • Have the number of children they wish to have.

D. The goods things about family planning to the community.

The community also gains from FP in the way of improved quality of life of the people.




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