In Honor Of my late Mother – I have used my Career Website to remember her. Am so sorry for any of you my followers if this offends you. But I love you so much.

Why I will Never Forget my Mom!.

When I was coming from school one day it was raining and it actually did rain on me, I was a tiny boy.

My Older Brother jokingly said: “boy couldn’t You wait till It stops Raining?” Look at him!

My Uncle, who follows mom, said “you were wrong. why didn’t You Go With a sweater?” Or umbrella?? At least but never again walk in Rain puppy!.

My Dad said “Usually get into your Friends House who live near school, teacher’s quoters, or stay in class, And Wait Till It Stops

But listen to Mum….. Mum! slowly pulled me towards her chest and said, “Stupid Rain, couldn’t It wait Until My Son reaches Home as She dries My Hair With Her Skirt cover cloth”.

What can’t you forget about your MOTHER!.

Today Would be Hellen’s (My Mother) 44th Birthday.


One Day I will meet you again Love. Miss u deeply mom

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