Growing A girl Child

Growing a girl Child is one of the tasks everyone would be so proud of. Because what a beautiful thing a girl child can turn out to be. These pics one shows when I started the role of growing the two when daddy just died, and how they’re today. I thank everyone who prays for us, helps us, in any means to live.

The day our daddy died but left information I had to be heir of this family I cried for 3 reasons,

1. As a daddy, my hurt broke thousands of times than it could be mend by any man other than Jesus.

2. I didn’t know he had all that huge trust in me.

3. I feared responsibility and was stack in my mind of what I could do for these girls first.

But see what God does, have had them for now 6 complete years, I can tell u, they have never looked awesome before than now. Irrespective of all that challenge us for now being homelessness majorly and being the root cause many others, and making them chronic. We are thankful Jesus Lord.

Join me friends give a simple home to us all. We have suffered of homelessness for long enough that we can no longer sustain continued rent fees for refuge.

We started the battle and have reached somewhere now, we only need a little more funding support to get it up and done.

Kindly Help us with your donations dear ones.

The gofundme link to post the funds and know how fur we have reached is below: God Bless You dearly.


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