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Trigger:     Ugandan women going into labor are required to bring the “Mama kit” with them before they can even be seen by a physician. Without it, they are not allowed to delivery safely in a hospital. The kit costs less than 20,000 Ugandan Schillings (UGX) ($10 USD) but for many Ugandan women, this is simply out of reach (WHO, 2016).

Donate to help Vulnerable pregnant women and mothers access, mama kits,, high quality health information and care, put a stone on the battle to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality rates.


We are here as a team of nurses trying to call upon you, appeal to you for donations to empower us and ensure the most vulnerable pregnant women and those giving birth through extreme resource scarcity get at least the basics they require to go through the all process of pregnancy and childbirth safe and alive with their babies. We have the midwifery skills but we can not work without equipment, because a poor woman can not afford to buy them. When a woman is poor, neglect by fathers of these pregnancies, or was just raped, they turn out to be very helpless and no one can help, but by all means end up in our hands because they want to live as anyone of us. So we came up with a cause to call upon whoever is generous enough to team up with us, donate to us, advise us and pray for us, for this good cause to succeed, at least save one life. A $20 note can avail all it requires to save one mother’s life and her baby. Think about it. Thank you So much.





Your unrestricted contribution makes the biggest difference. If you choose not to restrict your giving, itgoes to where the need is greatest.  This provides continuity of programming when there are funding gaps, and supports the development of new and innovative projects and programs to help mothers. Thank you.




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