Dear America

Dear America,

I’d like you to meet and remember the names and faces of Chatéri and Natalie.

They are both beautiful, young, vibrant women. Independent, intelligent, strong, and patriotic. Full of promise and their desire to serve their country, their communities, and hoping to make the world a better place.

Both are 22 years old.

Both have been Police Officers for less than six months.

Both are dead; less than a day apart.

Both of them were murdered, you see.

Not for the color of their skin, but for the content of their character – character that led them to cover themselves in a color of unity, service, protection, and duty:


America, sometimes I don’t even recognize you anymore. I hear about walls and healthcare, wars and sexism. I see violence and polarization, depravity, unspeakable wealth and crushing poverty. I see a shut-down government and national leaders who cannot come together for the good of The People.

But as soon as I look into the eyes of Chatéri and Natalie, those gorgeous eyes that shall never open again or see another sunset, I remember what we are about. I know all is not lost.

We do not deserve women and men such as these, but we desperately need them.

Look upon the faces of these fallen heroes – heroes who gave their life for YOU – and know that those on the Thin Blue Line will walk through ridicule and persecution, vitriol and hateful rhetoric; and even still, they will climb in to their squad car of black and white, turn the engine on, and roar off into the dark of night and come to you, sirens wailing and hearts of service ready, whenever you need them.

Officer Chatéri Payne, Shreveport, Louisiana Police Department. End of Watch 1/09/2019. Time as an Officer: 2 months.

Officer Natalie Corona, Davis, California Police Department. End of Watch 1/10/2019. Time as an Officer: 5 months.

Though they may be gone, they are NOT forgotten.

Respectfully yours in Service,

The Thin Blue Line

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