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Medical advise on sex after a miscarriage

You are likely to feel that your body is ready for sex resumption, but this may not necessarily mean that you are ready to Resume sex. See details below.

Everything changed when you saw the two pink lines show up on that pregnancy test – but here you are in the confusing space after a miscarriage with a thousand thoughts swirling around your brain: check this.


Stories of What it means To Have A Miscarriage

“I spent about 2 weeks pregnant, unfortunately i wasn’t anymore…wuuuooo”

Miscarriage can be caused by so many things and has happened to many expectant mothers. Three women with very different experiences show that pregnancy loss can be accompanied by a range of emotions – all valid, all normal…

Critical things About Sex After Pregnancy

Your body just did something crazy (it grew a kid!), so of course there will be some changes.

You have a new bundle of joy and your world is turned on its head. You’re not sleeping, you’re trying to decode your baby’s cries, and you really can’t even remember if you ate lunch or showered today. But eventually you’ll adjust, and the things that were so normal in your pre-baby life—like sex—will resurface.

Often, the six-week mark is talked about as a milestone. That’s when you go for a follow-up visit to your gynae, they examine you, and if all is well, they give you the go-ahead to resume sex and exercise. It’s likely your partner has been on the countdown for this day—even if you haven’t been.

Five sex positions after pregnancy

They say everything changes when you have a baby—and that definitely includes your sex life. “What worked for you before having a baby might be very different after giving birth,” says Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynaecology and reproductive sciences at the Yale University School of Medicine. Why? Your anatomy has changed.

5 Sex Positions Perfect For When You Want To Get Rough

This one is super-intimate, as he can wrap his arms around you to hold you tight, but he’s also hands-free to explore your body – he can squeeze your nipples or grab onto your hair.

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