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Reasons why some breast cancers become resistant to treatment.

To stop these cancers from spreading, estrogen inhibitors are usually prescribed. But what happens when tumors develop treatment resistance?


What!!! -Risk of breast cancer’s return continues long after treatment ends!

A recent analysis has found that even 20 years after receiving a diagnosis of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, the risk of the cancer’s return looms large. Should treatment be extended?

Thirst: Our brains tell us when to stop drinking

When the water content of our blood drops, neurons in the brain tell us that we are thirsty. But how do we know when enough is enough? Water is essential to life. When we get deydrated, it can have serious consequences. The water content…

How does cancer evade the immune system? New mechanism revealed

Cancer’s ability to elude our body’s immune system has long puzzled researchers. The latest study pinpoints one of cancer’s protective cloaks and investigates a way to remove it. Cancer and its interaction with the immune system is a complex story. Cancer cells are cells…

The state of cancer: Are we close to a cure?

Cancer is the leading cause of death across the globe. For years now, researchers have led meticulous studies focused on how to stop this deadly disease in its tracks. How close are we to finding more effective treatments? How far has cancer research come?…

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