Bebe Cool List 2018

BEBE COOL LIST 2018(my opinion)

1-Fik Fameika-My property, Tonsukuma,Born to win,mafia,sconto

2-Fefe Busi-Who is Who, Dada

3-Vip jemo- Shamim, Nakikute

4-Gravity -Embuzi zakutudde, Ampalana

5-Sheebah karungi-Wankona, Mummy yo,Bera nange,

6-Fille -Sabula ,Love again

7-Spice-Ndi mu love, Best friend

8-Daddy Andree-You &me , Now now

9-Ykee Bender-Amina, Onabayo

10-Kalipha Aganaga-Katono, Kiboko

11-Vinka-Chips na ketchup,Omukwano gwo

12-John blaq-Tukwatagane, Sweet love

13-Voltage music-Byafayo, Killa migino

14-Winne Nwagi -Fire dancer, Matala

15-Eddy Kenzo -Pull up, The heat

16-Apass-Didada, Guliwano

17-Jose Chameleon-Champion,Mateka

18-Bebe Cool-want it,up&whine,I do,Wasibuka

19-Geosteady-I’m into you,Wakikyenga

20-King Saha-Biri Biri, Very well

Special recognition…..

1-Irene Namatovu,

2-Sandra Nankoma&

3-Bebe cool(International award recognition)

4-Miss uganda


6-Uganda cranes


1-Mc mariach

2-Madrat and Chiko


1-Chosen Becky-Bankuza

2-Irene Ntale-Gukuba

3-Lydia Jazmine-You and me

4-Rema-Sili muyembe

5-Allan Toniks -Romance


7-Levixon-Turn the replay

8-Bobi wine-Kyalenga

This is officially my opinion about the UGANDA entertainment industry 2018.

I must commend Fik famaica and Sheeba Karunji on the high level of work this year considering the fact that Fik is has gone year 2 consistent while Sheeba is gone 4 years consistent. Not easy with the likes of new artists every year with big singles.

Band music members seem to be laying down the flag and it’s very unfortunate.

We really need the bunzali munva pliz band music members,enva teziwoma nga temuli bunzali.

For those with one song this year,it’s because the one song has been really big otherwise the list only has artists with two or more songs.

And for Bobi wine,kyarenga is not a good song but using his political ground to push it to a big single is acceptable by me otherwise musically, NO.

Otherwise if you are not on this list,it’s not personal,it’s just my opinion and you have one too.

Happy New year to you all.

Let’s work more for our UGANDA MUSIC industry .


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