Are You Ready For A Baby? Checkout This.

Whether you’re planning your first baby or your fifth, even the quietest new addition can change everything.

From your career plans and income, to finances and life for older siblings. So what do you need to consider before you take plunge?

Are you ready for a baby?

Finances under fire!

Even if you don’t splurge on all the latest gorgeous kit, having a baby can get expensive. Think about whether you can manage on one income, or cover the extra childcare costs? Will you need to move to a bigger house or buy a bigger car? It’s a good idea to save in advance – not only does it teach you how to cut back, but it will gather together a tidy lump sum to help you through maternity leave. Also consider which costs, like life insurance, you can’t afford to cut.

Ready for responsibility?

While babies are the best thing in the world, let’s be honest – they do stop you going out as often, bully you with lack of sleep and pretty much banish those luxury lie-ins! We all know it’s 100 per cent worth it – but are you ready right now?

What about work?

Balancing your gorgeous children with a fulfilling a career is do-able, but it takes some serious consideration, ingenuity and sometimes compromise. What will you do about your job? Will you go back to work? Will you stay at home? Can you work part time? Will your partner be flexible with their work? You don’t have to decide anything now, but it’s good to find out what you both think before you get started.

Need a bigger pad?

Do you need to take on a bigger property to fit in your new little person? They may start off snuggled into a moses basket, but it won’t be long before their stuff is exploding all over the house and the spare room becomes a nursery.

Family dynamics

How will a new baby affect your other kids and the overall family dynamic? Many children love the idea of having a younger brother or sister to look after and can be very caring and helpful. But others may be less certain, especially if you’re having this baby with a new partner. Have a think about how your children will react and ways you can help prepare them for the change, so they enjoy having a new sibling.


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