7 Things Girls Who Work Out In The Morning Do

If you regularly work out in the morning, give yourself a high-five: you’re part of an elite club of early risers and probably share a few of these habits…

1. Setting a totally non-negotiable bedtime

The new episode of How to Get Away with Murder airs at 10pm? You won’t be watching. You need to be in bed by 9:30 and asleep by 9:42 if you want to make that dawn gym class.

2. Hitting the hay in workout clothes

Because workout pants are comfy and it saves time while getting ready to leave the house.

3. Treating your bed like hot lava when your alarm goes off

As much as you love your morning workouts, when your alarm goes off you realise just how much you appreciate your comfy pillows. So you jump out of bed as fast as you can before hitting “snooze.” The only way to do it is to rip the Band-Aid off.

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4. Always having mini toiletries in your bag

If you get ready in a change room five days a week, you’ve got to keep your essentials on hand. And at some point, you simplify your beauty routine to a level that would make de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo proud. Suck it, giant make-up bag.

5. Showing up for work with wet hair

Somehow the change room blow-dryers are all taken and you’ve got four minutes to make it to work on time. Either you master your French-braiding skills or just accept that your hair might still be damp and stringy in your morning meeting. It’s not a sign of laziness; it’s a badge of honour.

6. Wanting to eat all of the breakfast

You can devour your oats in record time after a good morning workout, then want a snack 20 minutes later. Saving your lunch for lunchtime is a daily struggle.

7. Feeling like Kanye all day

You’ve finished 20 burpees and conquered some squats before most people wake up. It’s going to be a damn good day!

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