5 Things I Never Knew About Bodytec That Totally Blew My Mind

1. EMS Doesn’t Actually Hurt

Electro muscle stimulation uses electric impulses to stimulate muscles while doing basic exercise moves. You’re kitted out in a special top and shorts, with a vest over that, a butt band, and arm and leg bands, all of which have electrodes attached to them. These electrodes send the electric impulses to your muscles. It all looks pretty “cyborg-ish” and sounds like it’s going to hurt, but all you feel is a “buzzy” feeling in your body. It’s weird at first, but not sore at all.

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2. A Session Takes Just 20 Mins A Week

EMS training claims to activate up to 90 percent of muscles at the same time. What does this mean? You’re maximising efficiency in your 20-minute training sesh. It’s pretty intese, so the Bodytec trainers don’t recommend more than this per week. Pretty great for all the time-strapped fitsters out there! Also bear in mind that EMS is supposed to be done in conjunction with other sports or exercise routines. The goal is to make you stronger and benefit exercise performance, so it’s defs not a stand-alone workout.

3. It Reaches Deep Into Your Muscles

Two days after a session it feels like I’ve worked out for four hours – it really does reach deep into your muscles. Because of the maximum stimulation, your muscles are getting a harder workout than you could achieve alone. Once you get used to the initial “buzzy” feeling, the electric impulse is ramped up slowly, increasing that stimulation, and working your muscles harder and harder. The more the impulse is ramped up in certain areas (they can do it to individual areas, while keeping others at lower intensity), the more you’ll feel it. My butt hurt like a bitch when they upped the butt impulses!

4. Easy Moves Become Insanely Hard To Do

The movements seem easy, but are a lot harder when you’re hooked up to electrodes! As you’re doing the moves – basic squats, lunges, standing crunches – you can almost feel the impulse pushing back as you extend, bend or clench your muscles. I’ve almost lost my balance a couple of times from the sheer strength of the impulse!

5. I Feel So Much Stronger Than I Thought I Would

I haven’t got a six-pack or rock-hard thinner thighs, but I do feel stronger. For example, I can stay in a pose for longer during yoga – and this may well be due to the Bodytec training.


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